Alan is a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer and is one of the Directors of Dynamix Health and Fitness Ltd. He is also currently studying to become a Certified Nutritionist with MNU.

Having been into training and nutrition for a while now, Alan has gained vast amounts of knowledge and experience to share with you. Applying an Evidence Based approach to all aspects of fitness, he will ensure you are getting the correct advice at all times. Alan continues to improve his knowledge by always looking for the best methods to maximize potential in both his Online Coaching and 1-1 clients. 

"Upon completing my Level 3 PT course, I still didn't really have much of an idea on how to train individuals. On these courses, you're never taught how to adapt to people's needs or requirements; its just a step in the right direction. Over time through my successes and occasional failures, I have built my knowledge enough to ensure all of my coaching skills are applied to help each and everyone of my clients and our members. I love being able to help people and make an impact on their life."

If you would like to speak to Alan about Online or 1-1 Coaching then please contact us via the Contact tab at the bottom of the page or book a FREE consultation using the link below.

Personal Training & Small Group Training


We offer one to one or small group training for up to 4 people.

Both male and female coaches are available.

Prices start from £20 for a 30 minute session or £30 for a 60 minute session.  Block booking discounts are available.

A FREE consultation is available to discuss your goals.

Get in touch for more info

Online Coaching

Fat loss or Muscle Gain - Male or Female

We offer an initial 12 week online coaching programme followed by an optional monthly subscription.


Our 12 week programmes are not just one off programmes that you’re left to play with, then get in touch once a week. It’s all done to ensure you get the most out of your coach.

  • Constant progress

  • Daily checks carried out

  • Weekly check-ins / updates

  • All macros and training programming done

  • Supplement advice

  • And much more!

Everyone is different and therefore everything is 100% tailored to suit you, your requirements and your abilities.

Invest in something that will work, stop wasting your time and money on these fad diets and general programmes made by someone that has no experience or knowledge on the subjects they are “teaching” you!